You put a lot of time, effort and expense into creating your WordPress site and it is now proudly on the Internet for all to see and visit. You probably occasionally visit your site and even update its content regularly. But…do you take the time to be sure you are running the latest version of WordPress and that the plugins you use are up-to-date? An astonishing 62.4% of WordPress installations are currently running out-of-date versions!These updates are not just feature updates – most of them are updates to fix software bugs & security leaks! These key WordPress maintenance services are very important to the safety of your site.

What about backups? Does your hosting company do this? How often? How many do they keep? How would you access them or restore your site? Would you even know if your site was not running? Do you know if your site is infected with malware or worse, is on a blacklist preventing it from being accessed?

These WordPress maintenance services are important to the well being and continued functioning of your site and unfortunately are often neglected. That is the service we offer – we maintain your site to be sure all those things are addressed and performed regularly and properly.

Read more below about the functions included in our various support plans. Look here for plan features and prices. It would be our pleasure to help you maintain a safe, secure and functioning WordPress site.



Initial Security Check
All plans include an initial security check. We will check your site for malware, blacklist inclusion, malicious files and more. If we find issues, we will perform a detailed security check and fix them if possible.

Site Back-Ups
A total backup of your site, including all files and the database, will be performed initially and from that point your site will be backed up daily including all new or changed content ensuring a full  backup including all content, images & the full database. Daily backup files are stored on Amazon S3 Cloud Servers and retained for a full 90 days!

Weekly WordPress and Plugin Updates
WordPress releases security and feature updates on a regular basis. We will ensure that all new updates are implemented for your site in a timely manner to ensure maximum protection. Most Plugins (excluding premium or custom plugins like e-commerce, membership, directory, etc. applications) will be monitored and updated on a regular basis. Basically, if a plugin or theme can be updated from within the WordPress admin area we will keep it up to date.

Weekly Database Optimization
As content is updated in your site’s database it becomes less efficient and the database tables need “optimizing” to ensure efficient operation. We monitor the database for your site and regularly clean up the table structure.

Monthly Report
A monthly report of all WordPress maintenance service activities is prepared and e-mailed to you. It will include all maintenance items performed on your site as well as any suggestions or comments to keep your site running at maximum efficiency and safety.

Ticket Support
Each client has a custom account page for updating their profile, changing their maintenance plan (upgrade or downgrade) and submitting support tickets for any questions, requests, issues, etc.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
You may cancel your maintenance plan any time within the first 30 days and receive a FULL refund. After the first 30 days you may cancel at any time and there will be no further monthly charge.



Full Time Website Monitoring
We will monitor your WordPress site 24/7 every 5 minutes and report your up-time since your last report. It is not unusual for a site to experience occasional brief downtime (slow Internet, peak server load. etc.) that rarely lasts longer than a few minutes. If downtime persists beyond a reasonable time we will notify you.

No Charge Site Restore From Backup
If your site becomes unusable for any reason and needs to be restored from the last good backup, we will perform that backup (at your request) at no charge.

Daily Security Check 
We will run a daily security scan for known malware and viruses on your entire site each month and report the results on your monthly report. If malware is discovered we will run a detailed security check and attempt to remove the malware if possible.

Monthly Visitor Statistics (Premium Plan Only)
We will collect visitor statistics for your site and include them on your monthly report. You will have both number of site visitors and page views as well as average page s views per visit and average time on the site per visitor.

Monthly Personal Site Check (Premium Plan Only)
Each month a team member will personally review your site. They will run spot checks on things like menus, photo galleries, forms, etc. to be sure your site looks and performs as intended. Any items that seem out of the ordinary will be reported to you in your monthly report so you can address them as needed.