Following are WordPress Maintenance Service questions often asked of us. See each answer by clicking the “+” link. If your question is not answered here, please use our Contact Us form to send your question. We will respond promptly with an answer.

Can I change my plan?
Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Just submit a support ticket in your “My Account” area and we will handle your request. 
Can I hire you to do development work on my site?
We would be happy to work with you  on site development. Just create a support ticket with your request and we will respond promptly to discuss your needs.
What is required from me?
We will need admin access to your site to perform our services. You may provide your master admin/password or you can create a temporary username/password for us. In either case, after we log in the first time we will create our own username/password for access. As the master admin, you will always retain full admin access and can delete our account at any time.  To solve a particular problem, we may need access to your hosting control panel and/or FTP access to your site. If needed, we will contact you regarding this.
Will you need to install anything on my account?
Yes, we will install a few small plugins that allow us to perform many of the maintenance functions. We may also need to install a security plugin if we need to help resolve a malware issue.
I have multiple sites to be maintained. Can you help?
Yes, we welcome this! We even offer a simple and super pricing structure for this. Sign up for a plan and indicate the number of sites to be covered. The first site will be charged at the full plan price and all additional sites under that plan will be charged at 50%. Discount applies to sites owned by one company, association or end-user. Contact us to inquire about developer discounts. 
What are your hosting requirements or restrictions?
We can work with your site hosted by most popular hosting services. However, we cannot support sites hosted on a Windows server or on the free hosting platform. 
What is your cancellation/refund policy?
We offer a full money back guarantee during the first 30 days after sign-up. If you wish to cancel within that time period just use the Plan Change or Cancellation Form and we will process a full refund of your initial plan payment. After the first 30 days you may cancel at any time (using the same form) and we will cancel your account and halt any further charges.
What payment options do you offer?
We currently use PayPal to process all of our payments. You will be charged monthly by the secure PayPal system on our behalf. Your credit card statement will show MAINTAINWP4 as the merchant. 
What happens if any WordPress or Plugin updates break my site?
We check your site after each update to ensure that the site still functions normally. In the event that a site becomes inoperable after an update we will take reasonable time and effort to determine and fix the problem. In the event of a more serious issue we will restore the site to its status just before the problem and then update plugins one at a time to determine the specific cause and notify you of a misbehaving or out of date plugin that is causing the problem.
What if my site gets hacked or infected with malware?
Every new site registered with our service is given an initial  security scan and if malware is found we will run a detailed scan for known malware and viruses and attempt to remove them.  If the site is infected to the point that a more in-depth removal is required we will notify you of the effort required and the cost. You may, of course, decline and we will refund your initial plan payment. We suggest you install a security plugin for your site to keep it clean. Our STANDARD & PREMIUM Plans include a regular daily security scan similar to the initial one to help ensure a clean and safe site. 
Where are the backups kept and how many are saved?
All backups are saved on a secure Amazon S3 Cloud Based server. Backups are run on a daily basis so even changes during any given day are saved. Daily back-up files are kept for a full 90 days. Our STANDARD and PREMIUM Plans include full file and database restoring at a client’s request. BASIC Plan users can request a restore at a a small fee or we will provide access to the backup files and database. 
Can you provide maintenance services for a non-WordPress site?
Sorry, no. All of our services are for WordPress only sites hosted on non-Windows servers.